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Unlock Your A/A* in A-Level Chemistry with Primrose Kitten Academy's Revision Bootcamp.

Are you looking to maximise your A-level grades without the anxiety that typically comes with intensive study? Then we can help! Our course is designed to provide a holistic educational experience that is both effective and low-stress; this course is a game-changer for students aspiring for excellence. Experience an education tailored to your needs and your schedule. Scroll to the bottom to see the full contents. 

Course Features:

Teaching Videos:
Our engaging videos break down complicated concepts into digestible bites. With lessons from Primrose Kitten, you get two experienced and knowledgeable teachers whenever you need them.

Retrieval Questions:
Ensure long-term knowledge retention with targeted retrieval questions that help you recall and apply what you've learned. With a database featuring thousands of questions, you can continually challenge yourself, ensuring you are fully prepared for any exam scenario.

Personalised Feedback:
Receive customised feedback at the end of each quiz, showing you what you got wrong.

Predicted Papers:
Our meticulously researched predicted papers mirror exam formats and questions, enabling you to practice under realistic conditions.

Walkthroughs of Exam Papers:
Gain a strategic advantage with our step-by-step walkthroughs of past exam papers, highlighting common pitfalls and effective strategies for each question type. 

Exam Skills:
Learn the ins and outs of tackling your exams, from time management to decoding complex questions, with our comprehensive Exam Skills module.

Maths in Chemistry:
Specialised sessions that integrate essential mathematical concepts directly into your Biology syllabus.

Convenience and Flexibility:
Access the course material at times that suit you, not when your school dictates. Our flexible platform allows you to integrate learning seamlessly into your daily routine.

Comprehensive Yet Concise AQA Coverage:
At Primrose Kitten Academy, we understand that balancing the need for depth with the pressure of limited study time can be a challenge. That's why our Revision Bootcamp offers comprehensive yet concise coverage of the AQA specification for A-Level.

Our expertly curated material condenses vital information and key concepts into easy-to-understand formats without skipping topics or core principles. Rest assured that our course rigorously follows the AQA specification, ensuring you are preparing with a laser-like focus on what matters for your exams.

This focused approach allows you to cover the entire syllabus effectively while saving time for revision and practice. We aim to give you the most relevant, exam-centric content that aligns with the AQA specification, enabling you to study smarter—not harder—and ultimately achieve higher grades with lower stress. 

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Meet the Teacher


I'm Claire CK and I love all things chemistry.
I've been teaching and tutoring A Level chemistry for 20 years and I never get bored of it because it's such a challenging and rewarding subject.

I studied Biochemistry and Chemistry at Southampton University before completing a research masters in Biochemistry in Leicester and a teaching degree at Oxford. I've worked in various schools and have also trained other science teachers and worked with several different exam boards.

Other than my passion for science, I also love the outdoors (I'm a gold D of E assessor!) and jive dancing.

Patrick Jones - Course author