AQA A-Level Biology Paper 3 Essay
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The AQA A-Level Biology Paper 3 has an essay worth 25 marks at the end of the paper.

This evaluates your grasp and comprehension of the course material at the A-Level standard. You get the choice from two titles. This question is over 30% of the marks for this paper.

Writing this essay is more than just dumping all the content you know down on paper, there is a technique to it! And 2 of the marks come from content not on the spec.

This is a free-response essay; generally, a sentence you can write a lot about, you will get the choice of two topics to write about. Writing this essay is more than just repeating the content you have learnt.
I will help you understand what the examiners are looking for and how to structure your answer to aim for the top marks.

This course will cover all the skills you need to feel confident in answering this question.