Key Stage 3 Science

  • 23 Topics

    Covering Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • Topics taught in Lessons

    With text and videos to teach you the content
  • Self marking quizzes and tests

  • Completely free of charge

Ready to solidify your science fundamentals? Primrose Kitten Academy invites you to enrol in our FREE Key Stage 3 Science Revision Course. Designed to lay the groundwork for academic success, this course is an essential stepping stone for students who aspire to excel in their GCSEs.

Course Features:

  • Expert Teaching Videos: Get direct access to high-quality video lessons led by experienced educators who make even the most complex scientific concepts understandable and engaging.

  • Self-Marking Retrieval Questions: Test your understanding and retention of the material with our self-marking retrieval questions. Receive instant, automated feedback to help you pinpoint areas for improvement.

Benefits of Good Revision Habits for GCSE:

Starting your revision practices early—during Key Stage 3—will pay dividends when you advance to GCSE. Effective revision techniques can improve not only your grades but also your overall learning experience. This course aims to instil good study habits from the get-go, preparing you for the more challenging work you'll face.

Why Retrieval Questions Matter:

Retrieval questions are proven to be one of the most effective revision methods. They stimulate your brain to recall information, which strengthens your memory pathways. Instead of passively reading or highlighting text, retrieval questions make your study sessions interactive and dynamic. This active recall process ensures a deeper understanding and long-term retention of key concepts, making you well-prepared for any exam questions that come your way.

Embark on a science learning journey that will build a strong foundation for your future academic challenges. With our free Key Stage 3 Revision Course, you'll take a significant step toward making higher grades and lower stress a reality in your educational journey. Register today and invest in your long-term academic success—it's free, comprehensive, and incredibly effective!


  • 23 Topics
  • Topics divided into lessons
  • Multiple choice quizzes for each lesson to check your progress
  • End of topic tests 
  • Videos and text


You will learn the key stage 3 science course. Covering all the biology, chemistry and physics you need to know. Use this to learn new information from home or to revise!


Set this for homework. Ideal as the quizzes are self marking. Or useful for cover lessons or to help absent pupils catch up on missed work.

Meet the Teacher

Primrose Kitten

I am Primrose Kitten, a teacher who moved from the classroom to YouTube!

You can find me on YouTube and my website ( where I have a range of video tutorials all the way through to GCSE and A-Level. As well as my videos I have free courses, lots of free learning resources, workbooks, revision guides and predicted papers.

Patrick Jones - Course author